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Friday 6th

09.00-13.15 | Working Groups | University of East Anglia
Sharing, discussion and exchange around two distinct strands, HARDWARE and SOFTWEAR lead by Ghislaine Boddington (Future Physical) with moderators Jo Hyde, Martin Kusch, Tania Telford, Yacov Sharir, Thecla Schiphorst and Sha Xin Wei.

Across Friday and Saturday mornings the invited artists and the Interchange participants will spend 8 hours together sharing and exchanging information and thoughts on the WEAR ME!!! themes. The group will have an initial session as a whole and then split into the two strands of HARDWARE and SOFTWEAR to follow through more detailed discussion topics set by the moderators. Discussions will explore topics such as hardware portability and miniaturisation, interactive software developments, smart textile innovations, and the missing crossover between fashion and textiles.

Each day the final conclusions of the two strands will be shared with the whole group pushing to the forefront the issues for the next day. These sessions will be documented and initial thoughts and conclusions put on the Future Physical website at the end of day. The group will be able to continue this exchange through the website beyond this weekend.
Registered InterChange Participants Only


15.00-18.00 | Process Demos | Norwich Arts Centre
Opportunity to hear about the work of Sha Xin Wei 15.00 (US), plus Future Physical Commissioned artists Thecla Schiphorst and Kristina Anderson 15.30 (Canada) as they talk about their making processes.
Registered InterChange Participants Only

NOTES:Sha Xin Wei

NOTES: Thecla Schiphorst and Kristina Anderson

15.00-18.00 | txOom visits | Hippodrome Great Yarmouth
Further opportunities to visit txOom. more>>
Public Event

11.00-13.00 / 15.00-18.00 | The Blanket Project | The Forum, Norwich
Experience The Blanket Project, by Canadian artist Nick Stedman. Check with the Information Station at Norwich Arts Centre for further details.
Public Event

19.30 | Film screenings | Norwich Arts Centre
An innovative evening of film ( shorts and features) around the theme of wearable computing and visions of future technology with a process demo and showing by Future Physical commissioned artist Vicki Bennett (People Like Us, UK) of her evolving interactive film work Remote Controller.
For Registered Interchange Participants and invited guests only

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