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Tony Beckwith
  Lee Valley Park
ECO-TECH Anita Belli British/Colchester Signals Media Arts
ECO-TECH Chris Birch British/London Galactic PR
ECO-TECH Leanne Bird British/London Dance/Team Producer, Future Physical
Ghislaine Boddington British/London Artistic Direction, Future Physical
ECO-TECH Coral Bown British/Bristol Web Producer, Future Physical
ECO-TECH Steve Boxer British/London Journalism
ECO-TECH Beth Carruthers Canadian/Vancouver Artist, writer and cultural activist
ECO-TECH John Chapman American/Norwich Photography/Digital Images
ECO-TECH Roswitha Chesher German/British/London Video
ECO-TECH Andrew Chetty British/London plan b
ECO-TECH Roy Cleary British/Colchester Walking artist
ECO-TECH Jamie Corteen British/Norwich 2BIT.TV
ECO-TECH Nina Czegledy Canadian/Toronto Artist/Curator
ECO-TECH Sara Diamond Canadian, American Artish/Theorist/Artisitic Director
ECO-TECH Claire Elliott British/London Team Producer, Future Physical
ECO-TECH Aleatia Edgar British/London Volunteer
ECO-TECH Chris Fayers British/Colchester Signals Media Arts
ECO-TECH Masaki Fujihata Japanese/Tokyo New Media Artist
ECO-TECH Ruth Gibson British/London Igloo
ECO-TECH Alistair Haines British/Cambridge NESTA
ECO-TECH Michael Heap Canadian, British/London VJ/Artist/Director & Entrepreneur/Biologist
Niki Holmes   B Consultants Ltd
ECO-TECH Marshall Jefferson   DJ
ECO-TECH Claire Keating Irish/London Dance & Computer Graphics
ECO-TECH Debbi Lander British/London Development Direction, Future Physical
ECO-TECH Chrissie Lions Cypriot/London Production, Future Physical
ECO-TECH Bruno Martelli British/London Igloo
Orlando Mathias
Ben Morris   Vector Special Projects
ECO-TECH Johnathan Musson British/London Galactic PR
ECO-TECH Ash Nehru   DJ
ECO-TECH Estelle Neveux French/London Production Direction, Future Physical
ECO-TECH Pui-Shan Ng Chinese/London Project/Finance Manager, Future Physical
ECO-TECH Richard Povall British/Devon Aune Head Arts
ECO-TECH Anthony Roberts British/Colchester Director, Colchester Arts Centre
ECO-TECH Andy Roshay British/Chelmsford EssexDance
ECO-TECH Kate Sarley Anglo-Iraqi/Bures Colchester Arts Centre
ECO-TECH Marc Silver British/London Film/VJ
ECO-TECH Armand Terruli British/London Video Direction Documentation/VJ Raya
ECO-TECH Gwen Van Spijk British/Midlands Independent Producer
ECO-TECH Andrew Ward British/London Technology Direction, Future Physical
ECO-TECH Catherine Watling British/Cambridge Digital Artist/Team Producer, Future Physical
ECO-TECH Rachel Wingfield British/London Independent Textile Artist
ECO-TECH Kath Wood British/Colchester Director, firstsite
ECO-TECH Stanza British/London Digital Artist

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