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Documentation of WEAR ME!!! took place across 5th - 8th December to share what was going on and being discovered with virtual viewers.

Documentation is in a number of forms including reviews of events and public presentations written by games journalist, Steve Boxer and process documentation of the working groups and process demos, plus webcasts and video recordings of key events.

5-7th December | The Blanket Project | The Forum, Norwich
The presentation of The Blanket Project, by Canadian artist Nick Stedman a tactile object that physically interacts with the audience. Resembling a blanket, the device will navigate through space seeking out individuals for intimate encounters. Public Event.
ARTICLE: The Blanket Project: let it wear you 
1-8th December | TxOom| Hippodrome, Great Yarmouth
tx0om (Textures in Bloom) is a responsive PlaySpace, where wearable architecture and evolving media worlds blend, engendering a rich and multilayered experience. Players are sensed by the PlaySpace using motion sensors and vision tracking systems incorporated into the space. Gradually the social interaction between the participants, and the responsive sound and visuals projected throughout the PlaySpace, change and evolve as they begin to play together. tx0om environments are designed as public experiments, for testing and research in the field of biomimetics, visualisation and sonification of human behaviour and human-computer interaction in mixed realities. An important part of the site-specific environment has been developed through interaction with local community groups, as well as national and international artists and technologists. Public Event.
ARTICLE: TxOom : Quite an Experience
5th December | 19.30 | Keynote Speech | Norwich School of Art and Design
On future visions of digital body interfaces by( renowned international artist/technologist Thecla Schiphorst (Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver) well known for her touch based installation work. Thecla is a member of the original design team that developed Life Forms with choreographer Merce Cunningham and also the recipient of many awards including the 1998 PetroCanada Award in New Media and International Digital Media Awards Festival. Public Event.
ARTICLE: Schiphorst gives WEAR-ME!!4! a keynote
WEBCAST: Schiphorst speech. On site from Friday 6th December from 18.00GMT for 30 days

6th December | 15.00-18.00 | Process Demos | Norwich Arts Centre
Guest artists talking about their work were:

Sha Xin Wei (US) - T-Garden development

Thecla Schiphorst (Canada) and Kristina Anderson (Denmark) - whisper development
This links will take you to edits of the presentations they gave to InterChange Participants.
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7th December | 14.00-18.00 | Process Demos @ the Marketplace | The Forum, Norwich
Guest artists talking about their work were:

Process Demo - Yacov Sharir & Wei Yei - 16.00

Process Demo - Kondition Pluriel scheme II - 15.00
This links will take you to edits of the presentations they gave to InterChange Participants.
Read and raise any questions or contribute ideas that this content stimulates in the Debate Forum.

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