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'All life as we know it exists within the context of a system of living things - a biosphere'


Biosphere - sphere of life (bio 'life'). The term coined by an Austrian geologist in 1875 to describe the field around the earth that all life exists within.

Artificial biospheres have been created to enable the study of plants and other life in a controlled environment.

Biosphere 2 was created by Space Biosphere Ventures in the late 1980's as a laboratory to study how the earth works and how people interact with the earth's systems. The Center is now affiliated with Columbia University to conduct research, education and public outreach for better understanding of Biosphere 1 - the earth. For further information and a virtual tour of Biosphere 2 visit http://www.bio2.edu/

The Eden Project brings the story of the earth to life from a reused quarry in Cornwall, England. It's Biomes (huge ETFE* covered conservatories), house landscapes from every corner of the globe. The Eden project is not just a centre for education and research. It is closely linked to artists from a variety of different art forms. Making it a perfect place to see the 21st century relationship between art and science. Visit http://www.edenproject.com/

* What is ETFE you ask? As an alternative to glass (which would be much too heavy!) the Biome structures are covered with EFTE - air inflated bags that are 1% the weight of glass. For more information visit http://www.vector-foiltec.com/

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