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ecosophy (Ecological Philosophies)

Ecosophy is a philosophical position or form of self-realisation that a subject (i.e. you or I) might embody over time. I use it within the term 'ecosophical art practice' to describe what I am attempting to achieve.

The practice, theoretical development and production of artistic works that embody principles of an 'ecosophy' are best thought of as being part of a broader process of making sense of the world, and hence a way of determining engagement with it. The approach of an ecosophy is therefore deeply entwined within human concepts of individualism, difference, gender and morality; in other words all of what it means to be a human

It is fair to say that an ecosophical approach is not yet something commonly held by people within Western societies, but is of course something that may be cultivated through artistic endeavours (set amongst many other approaches)

Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess describes how he employed theories of Deep Ecology to form his own ecosophy, something he calls 'EcosophyłT'. 'Ecosophy-T' was for Naess not some comprehensive or all knowing knowledge but rather a self-realisation born both out of his development of, and identification with, the philosophy his is credited with birthing 'Deep Ecology', as well as his evolving engagements with the world.

Philosopher Felix Guattari suggests that the key question facing us today is how to produce, tap, enrich and permanently reinvent a subjectivity; that which comprises our own attitudes, beliefs and emotions, in ways that it
might become comparable with a universe of changing values. Guattari suggests the deployment of a "four dimensional ecosophic object" with the interrelations between them being in constant variation

Source: www.outlook.com.au/keith

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