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tierra C source code

"The Tierra C source code creates a virtual computer and its Darwinian operating system, whose architecture has been designed in such a way that the executable machine codes are evolvable. This means that the machine code can be mutated (by flipping bits at random) or recombined (by swapping segments of code between algorithms), and the resulting code remains functional enough of the time for natural (or presumably artificial) selection to be able to improve the code over time.

Along with the C source code which generates the virtual computer, we provide several programs written in the assembler code of the virtual computer. Some of these were written by a human and do nothing more than make copies of themselves in the RAM of the virtual computer. The others evolved from the first, and are included to illustrate the power of natural selection.

The operating system of the virtual computer provides memory management and timesharing services. It also provides control for a variety of factors that affect the course of evolution: three kinds of mutation rates, disturbances, the allocation of CPU time to each creature, the size of the soup, etc. In addition, the operating system provides a very elaborate observational system that keeps a record of births and deaths, sequences the code of every creature, and maintains a genebank of successful genomes. The operating system also provides facilities for automating the ecological analysis, that is, for recording the kinds of interactions taking place between creatures."

Source: Tom Ray http://www.isd.atr.co.jp/%7Eray/tierra/whatis.html

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